7:30 p.m Friday Fun Pole 101

Bam has merged with the inferrno Barre Studio

New to pole and BAM? No worries I will take care of you. Friday's just got better. Come join this beginner friendly class. Come join me at the beautiful Inferno Barre Studio. We will enjoy stretching and pole fun fitness on our X-pole studio poles. Classes are $20 tax included. 
Are you looking for a way to burn calories, and learn some fun pole moves & tricks? Do you enjoy slow and fast flow dance and want to learn healthy and sexy ways to move your body? This is a Pole dance class for beginners or experienced polers.

Saturday 2 p.m. Pole Class At The Inferno Barre Studio

Class is in session!! I will be teaching at The inferno Barre Studio.
Have pole experience but still in your beginner stage and want to keep perfecting it?? This class is for you. We will work on core and inverting into transitions with a lil cardio pole. Classes are 70 min 2 p.m. Every Saturday. $20 tax included.